Galileo Galilei, the 16th Century Italian philosopher and mathematician, is best known today as the “Father of Modern Science” following his groundbreaking use of experimentation and mathematics to explain the facts of nature.

Among his many accomplishments, Galileo perfected the telescope, an instrument that helped disprove the belief that the Earth is the center of the universe. He was a true global visionary – always challenging conventional wisdom – and a true explorer: innovating, challenging, risk-taking and independent.

At Galileo Global Education we celebrate the meaning and impact of this exceptional explorer. We strive daily to instill in each student the dedication to originality, perseverance, innovation and selflessness to move the world toward a greater goal.

Our mission is to be the world education leader in innovation, creativity, arts and culture – one of the most promising higher education segments over the short and long term, everywhere in the world.

Our key goal is to ensure the hiring potential of our students. We achieve this through the learning platforms, the unique learning environments and the industry contacts and expertise we have developed that allow our students to project the uniqueness of European culture and business management globally.