Why join Galileo Global Education

Galileo is an international group that, over the years, has grown through a series of well-managed acquisitions.

Thanks to a specially developed platform, which allows us to integrate schools quickly and efficiently – all while guaranteeing the quality of the offer, the teachers and the overall student experience – we are an ideal candidate for higher education institutions looking to take their development to a higher level.

Whether you are a founder looking to sell your school or need resources to expand, we are the ideal partner: we can help you either exit the business or grow it. For example, from a financial point of view, we can offer access to capital needed for growth and/or for new campus openings.

As a group with a broad geographic footprint, Galileo can offer your institution access to schools – and students – all over the world, as well as ensure access to our proprietary platform, designed to promote and facilitate cross-country student mobility and faculty exchanges and staff development.

Finally, we are in a unique position to help you leverage your school’s brand and content across a broad and continually expanding network.