ESG Report

“Galileo Global Education is guided by our commitment to a global purpose: to empower individuals and transform societies through education and training.” Marc-François Mignot Mahon, Galileo Global Education CEO

Galileo Global Education is committed to creating a positive societal impact through education. Supporting schools to improve their environmental, social and governance (ESG) outcomes is an important and growing part of our value proposition.

Our ESG strategy is focused on driving improvements in areas that we believe are fundamental to delivering on our ambition to be world leaders in education and to play our part in building a more sustainable future for all. We know this is a vision shared by our key stakeholders – including our students, students’ prospective employers, teachers, employees, and our shareholders.

Our ESG strategy is centred on the 4 key ‘environments’ that make up the student experience:

  • The Academic environment:
    • Providing high quality education that equips students with relevant knowledge, skills and capabilities for employment and entrepreneurship.
    • Integrating sustainability into the curriculum and enabling students to have a positive impact on society and their local communities.
  • The Social environment:
    • Enabling all learners and employees, regardless of their starting point or background, to unleash their potential by
      • Creating diverse and inclusive learning and working environments
      • Promoting wellbeing and healthy learning and working environments
  • -The Physical environment:
    • Creating low carbon and inclusive campuses
    • Promoting responsible resource use and sustainable lifestyles
  • – The Virtual environment:
    • Maximising the opportunities associated with technology, enabling students to make the most of their studies
    • Protecting learner data and privacy and mitigating against cyber security threats.

Underpinning these four dimensions is an ongoing focus on strengthening governance and ensuring a foundation of robust oversight and management.

2021/22 ESG Report

Learn more about the importance of ESG to Galileo and the progress we have made in the 2021/22 academic year in our ESG Report

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