ESG Report

As Europe’s largest privately owned education group, the successful execution of Galileo’s strategy and platform model is underpinned by its commitment to embedding responsible and sustainable business practices across its operations and schools.

Galileo’s primary focus must always be on strengthening governance, to provide a foundation of sound and effective oversight and management that allows schools to deliver the unique and quality education they do whilst simultaneously working towards environmental and social goals. We fully understand and do our best to support the dual role of each of our schools as educators and corporate citizens – preparing for the future while delivering on our responsibilities to the environment and society today. Each school determines the most relevant environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics to focus on and integrate into its strategic plans and initiatives based on its own circumstances, educational priorities and foresight, and the expectations of key stakeholders. Across the group the focus is on four areas:

  • The Academic environment: teaching relevant skills for employment and entrepreneurship and equipping students with the knowledge, skills and capabilities to have a positive impact on society
  • The Social environment: creating healthy and inclusive learning and working environments
  • The Physical environment: creating campuses that are accessible and inclusive, ensuring that schools are playing their part in the transition to a low carbon and resource-efficient economy.
  • The Virtual environment: maximising the opportunities and mitigating the risks associated with digital technology – including protecting learner data and privacy.


2020/2021 ESG Report

Discover our approach to responsible business and the progress we have made in the 2020/21 academic year in our ESG Report

Galileo Global Education-ESG Report 2021