Number of students: around 3,500

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica, Central America

Areas of study: Health Sciences

Degrees and Programs:

  1. Graduate (Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy, Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Microbiology),
  2. Postgraduate (Master Science in Health Management, Family Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics)
  3. Undergraduate (Microbiology Diplomat, Quality Technician, Logistics Technician, Project Management Technician, Patient Assistant Technician)


UCIMED´s mission: Inspire leadership and spread knowledge to promote good health among the population.

UCIMED is the leading University of Health Sciences in the region. Over 45 years of experience and thousands of graduates in the health service, we demonstrate what it takes to lead. We transcend borders to bring excellence to the entire world due to proven quality, continuous improvement, national and international certifications, UCIMED´s academic methodology, state of the art technology & infrastructure, plus the international support of Galileo Global Education, one of the largest academic corporations in the world.

Students from Latin America, North America and Europe have trusted UCIMED to become leaders in health. Our faculty at UCIMED, are leaders in their field, and also educators, innovators, and mentors using the best technology to shape the next generation of health professionals, physicians and researchers.

For us, quality is excellence, 100% of our majors are accredited by the Costa Rica´s National System of Accreditation and our Medicine Program was the first in Costa Rica accredited internationally by the Mexican Council for the Accreditation of Medical Education, endorse by the World Federation for Medical Education. That is why we can say UCIMED empowers leaders in medicine and health sciences to solve healthcare´s biggest challenges around the globe.