It’s a fact: many of the jobs that the current generation of school students will have over their careers do not exist today. Digital technology is wiping out entire industries and creating new ones. The speed of change adds an additional layer of uncertainty and opportunities at the same time.

The world today has become a village where young students are confronted with the need to make career choices for which they do not feel prepared, especially given that most educational systems are largely uncorrelated from the business world.

Through its constantly expanding international network – 54 schools in more than 10 cities around the world including Shanghai, Mumbai, Paris, London and Milan – Galileo Global Education offers students enrolled in its programs a more supportive experience, exposure to different disciplines and the opportunity to develop their own capacity to adapt to a constantly changing world. During their studies at our schools, students can redirect themselves toward a wide range of other educational channels. The right to make a mistake, to be supported along non-linear educational paths and a wide spectrum of academic options are other strong components of the global experience offered by our group.

Galileo Global Education schools – catering to more than 170,000 students each year – focus on the creative industries: ours is the largest arts and creation curriculum in Europe. Graduates of our programs are rapidly employable managers, developers, designers and digital experts, among others. Our students gain significant hands-on experience in their fields of study long before they graduate, thanks to internship programs that allow them to gain professional experience in their industries of choice. A strong alumni network supports the internship programs and job placement.

Young European students are increasingly turning toward these creative training programs and the trend is sustainable as creativity, innovation and culture are the future of European and Western countries.