Education cannot and will not be stopped

Galileo Global Education is organized to continue its mission.

The Galileo Global Education Group has organized itself to confront this unprecedented crisis. We have been anticipating and managing the situation for the last 2 months for our sites in China, 1 month in Italy, 3 weeks in France, and in every country where we operate. We have learned from our mistakes, we have gained experience and, despite this emergency, we are prepared.

For the past 3 weeks, a permanent crisis unit has been supported by 7 dedicated units to ensure:

  • Health monitoring of students and staff
  • Educational continuity
  • Communication with students and staff
  • IT and digital functioning
  • Basic operations (payroll, human resources, security, etc.)

All our teams have been mobilized for the duration of the crisis in order to preserve the health and safety of all. Teachers, educational teams, payroll and human resources, IT and digital, sales and marketing, financial services, legal, logistics, all administrators: more than 4,500 employees are teleworking in 12 countries throughout the world.

Our schools can provide their courses at a distance and in digital format. Classes that cannot be digitized will be rescheduled. Exams and evaluations will be organized.

Applicants will be able to continue to obtain information from schools for their orientation.

Throughout the world 75 000 students are already online.