ESG école de commerce

Year founded: 1974
Number of students: Approx. 10,000
Areas of teaching: Finance, marketing, business administration, human resources management, commerce, sport management
Locations: 11 in France, including Paris, Aix -en-Provence, Bordeaux and Montpellier

Groupe ESG is a leading, French private higher education institution focused on business studies. The group’s 11 schools – five of which are located in Paris, the others in Aix-en-Provence, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Rennes and Tours – offer a broad range of undergraduate to graduate and post-graduate programs. They all have the same objective for their 10,000 students: develop their professional skills and employability.

Students enrolled in the ESG school network can select from a variety of specializations, including finance and risk management, big data and data science in finance, wealth management, human resources management, marketing and communication, web marketing, marketing and management in tourism and hospitality, purchase and supply chain management and sports management and marketing. The network also offers executive-level MBAs in fields including marketing and business development, auditing and management control, e-business and luxury management (starting in 2018). The MBA school – MBA ESG – has 37 programs scheduled for 2018, more than 1,000 students enrolled each year, 70 percent professional faculty and a 13,000-strong alumni network.

ESG has a strong business network, to the advantage of its students: some 1,500 companies offer work-study contracts, while an additional 2,500 firms offer internships. The schools also have 130 partner universities, where its students can attend courses as well as a 35,000-plus strong alumni network.

The school network’s student body is very international and some schools boast exclusive partnerships with world-famous corporations, like ESGCI’s exclusive partnership with Disney World in Orlando and Riverside University in California. Graduates of ESGCI – which has 4 bachelors degrees in the Eduniversal ranking of best undergraduate programs – on average earn €31,000 euros per year in their first job.