Year founded: 2002
Number of students: Approx. 1,300
Areas of teaching: digital communication engineering (BAC +5), digital strategy (BAC +5), multimedia project development (BAC +3)
Locations: Headquarters/main campus in Paris suburb of Montreuil
Career assistance services: Partner-driven, corporate sponsored projects and internships help get students into contact with companies and working on corporate projects long before they finish their studies.

HETIC was founded as a school that would prepare students for the internet jobs of the future through an educational program that brings together elements of three different domains: web technologies, digital creation, and management. The jobs market has rewarded this approach: fully 98% of HETIC students are hired before the end of their studies for roles including analytic consultants, e-marketing project managers, web designers, digital art directors and heads of development.

The school offers two graduate-level programs – “Expert in Digital Communication Engineering” and “Expert in Digital Strategy” – and the “Head of a Multimedia Project” undergraduate degree. Real projects are at the heart of the training given to HETIC students and highlight its superior reputation. Student teams manage complex, multi-dimensional projects that allow each student to try out different roles and find the domains with which they have the greatest affinity. Since 2005, more than 1,400 partner-driven, corporate sponsored projects have been completed for clients including BNP Bank, Bouygues Telecom, Dailymotion and L’Equipe.fr.

HETIC brings together its graduates, its partner companies and its students to review all programs to ensure that its courses are always relevant to the job market: as a result, almost 30 percent of the courses are eliminated every year and replaced by more current or new themes; the remaining 70 percent undergo rigorous analysis to make certain each course remains cutting edge. Students from graduating classes evaluate participants, the relevance of subjects taught and the curriculum, thus allowing the school to be reactive and adapt to the changing needs of the business world.