IESA Multimedia

Year founded: 2008, an off-shoot of IESA arts&culture
Number of students: Approx. 750
Areas of teaching: multimedia project management, social media and web marketing, technical project management, art direction
Locations: Headquarters/main campus in central Paris.
Career assistance services: Internships, in-company training, over 600 corporate partnerships that facilitate practical training.


IESA Multimedia was born in 2008 as a spinoff from the IESA arts&culture school’s multimedia department. The objective was to bring to the nascent multimedia industry the same approach introduced by IESA with the arts&culture school, with which IESA Multimedia shares the core philosophy of professionalization: getting students hands-on experience from the start through cooperation with industry and internships, a diverse and constantly updated curriculum and superior theoretical instruction by industry professionals.

Indeed, internships, alternating training in companies – IESA Multimedia has over 600 corporate partnerships – and study assignments form an integral part of the academic experience, validating the acquisition of skills and offering the students the opportunity to enhance their resume.  

The school offers fully accredited degrees, including a bachelor (BAC +3) “Level II Multimedia Project Leader” in project leadership and masters (BAC +5) “Expert in Digital Strategy” in social media and web marketing, art direction and UX design and technical project management.