Institut Culinaire de France

Year founded: 2019

Number of students: 150

Areas of teaching: Baking, Pastry, Culinary Arts & Management

Locations: Bordeaux & Paris

Founded in 2019, Institut Culinaire de France finds itself at the heart of a rich ecosystem of arts and management institutions, promoting a contemporary vision of culinary craftsmanship. It opens training courses in baking, pastry and management in Bordeaux in January 2020.

From nutrition to biochemistry, including culinary design, management, and marketing, Institut Culinaire de France leverages its interdisciplinary teaching methods and thus building on this unique approach. Our combined entrepreneurial and culinary expertise enables us to intertwine technical know-how, nutrition, and management.

With the expertise and excellence of the Galileo Global Education Group, Institut Culinaire de France is perched high, between the global league of culinary educational institutions serving as a beacon of French savoir-faire.

A Unique Interdisciplinary School

Institut Culinaire de France benefits from the expertise of its partner schools (ESG, Penninghen, LISAA, Cours Florent), and stands out in the industry through its dual expertise in business and culinary arts. Our training programs are industry-relevant, interdisciplinary and practical, including:

  • Marketing / Leadership / Management, to forge and sharpen business skills;
  • Nutrition and health insights, so as to devise nutritionally balanced culinary creations;
  • Biochemistry, to know and identify the properties of foods and preserve all their flavour;
  • Culinary design, to strive for beauty and refined flavors
  • Digital training, to manage social networks and communicate about flavor experiences;
  • History of gastronomy to pass on the torch of French culinary tradition;
  • Design / Styling (with LISAA, Penninghen …) to know which trends to follow and how best to present products;
  • Foreign languages to broaden the range of opportunities for tomorrow’s artisans;
  • Soft skills (with Cours Florent School) to boost students’ relationship-building abilities.

Institut Culinaire de France stays in tune with both employer and consumer expectations. adopting a hands-on approach to training and offering students seven hours daily kitchen practice, nearly 300 hours of practical business training per year, and a six-month annual internship.

Professional training courses to suit all tastes

Institut Culinaire de France has been founded on the belief that training programs can – and should – be challenging, dynamic but still relevant to its respective sector. This is what we offer to our students, jobseekers and those changing careers. Institut Culinaire de France offers training courses at the Bachelor level (Bac +3), Masters level (Bac +5) and CAP level.

Institut Culinaire de France’s guiding principle is excellence. Excellence in both strategy and management, of every department: high-end facilities, renowned teachers and top quality programs. Our students benefit from hands-on practice under the supervision of renowned professionals (Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, reputable chefs, etc).

A French school with a universal calling

Our programs are taught in French and English. We are currently offering 5 Bachelor degrees in English and 6 intensive international programs, all open to students from around the world. To welcome its foreign students, Institut Culinaire de France has devised a ready-to-go international student pack to ease and streamline the experience (accommodation, à la carte training, etc).

Damien Julia, Managing Director of Institut Culinaire de France explains:

“There is a worldwide appetite for the culinary arts. There has been a certain non-responsiveness among French training institutions, leaving millions of jobs unfilled in the hotel and catering sectors. Now, we have to respond to this gap in the sector of culinary arts. We are thrilled to contribute, in our own way, to the transmission of this unique savoir-faire.”