Year founded: 1985, by cinema make-up artist Aida Carange
Number of students: Approx. 160
Areas of teaching: 2- and 3-year post-baccalaureate training courses for those wanting to become professional make-up artists in cinema, theater, television, fashion and advertising
Locations: Headquarters/main campus in Paris
Career assistance services: Hands-on training from the beginning of the course and mandatory 18-month internships help transition students from studies to work

Founded by the renowned cinema make-up artist Aida Carange, the Institut Technique du Maquillage (ITM) is a professional training school offering short-term and long-term courses for both those seeking to gain skills as professional make-up artists and those wanting to become consultants and consumer relations experts in the make-up and cosmetics industries.

Students pursuing the 2- and 3-year courses follow a program based on theory, technique and practice. Courses include: chromatography, drawing, painting and modeling (first year) and special effects with silicone, fashion make-up and airbrush make-up (second year). All students take part in projects that last the duration of their studies, thus gaining – from the very beginning of the program – crucial hands-on experience that facilitates their transition into the professional world.

At the third year, the students will have to decide their specialization to become a Chief makeup artist or makeup consultant. This highly technical and specialized year allows students to develop their strengths and gain a more rapid access to managerial positions. It is also available to professional make-up artists, external to the school, wishing to update their knowledge, strengthen their professional skills and learn new techniques.

The school – which has some 160 students from 20 countries and a faculty comprised of 30 professionals who work as head make-up artists, hairdressers, prosthetic artists, technicians, costume designers, photographers and cinematographers – also offers so-called “refresher” courses
. These programs, lasting one to five weeks, are designed for make-up professionals needing to update their skill-sets with airbrushing, special effects and hairstyling, among others. For the general public, the school offers introductory workshops in, among others, make-up, auto make-up and face painting.