Year founded: 1968
Number of students: Approx. 690
Areas of teaching: Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Graphic Design & Art Direction and Interior Architecture & Design
Locations: Headquarters/main campus in Paris’s historical Saint-Germain-des-Prés district within the premises of “Academy Julian”, the renowned private art school for painting and sculpture, founded in 1867.
Career assistance services: Internships and professional design projects with well-known brands.

Penninghen ranks at the top of France’s private higher education institutions in art direction and interior architecture, offering a high-level, comprehensive 5-year master’s degree program in both art direction (60 students) and interior architecture (30 students) for students aged 17 and above who have completed their high school education.

Each year, 210 students begin their studies with a first year course that introduces them to a wide variety of different design disciplines that are essential in the field of Art and Design.

Students can chose to obtain a 3-year bachelor’s degree and then continue to complete master’s degrees in either Graphic Design & Art or Interior Architecture & Design; both master’s degrees are state-recognized.

The Master’s degree in Graphic Design & Art Direction prepares students for careers in image-making and visual communication in design fields such as editorial, print and publishing, press, video, television and cinema, as well as digital design. By the end of their studies students are totally autonomous and fully prepared for a career in the design industry.

The Master’s Degree program in Interior Architecture & Design includes design layout of the built environment, spatial volume and ergonomics in fields such as commercial architecture, hospitality, residential design, retail, office design, scenic design, theatre set design, museums and the design of public buildings.

As part of the programs, Penninghen requires all students to take internships and encourages international school exchanges (through ERASMUS and Cumulus); partnerships in France and abroad with other institutions of higher education, as well as professional design projects with well-known brands, complete the school’s educational program.